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Atlantis Message Board: Role play as a character from SGA!
Welcome to the Atlantis Message Board!

Pretend that this is a Message Board at Atlantis where people who are there chat on their computers. They chat about missions they went on, who is dating, what happens between eps, daily life, and so on...

Characters: You may be any character except Dr. Keller or any characters that are made up by other people. You can be a character from SGA or a member of SG1 who is in for a visit. You may post as several characters or pick one you like best. Feel free to make a post in character, but do not post as yourself.

Tags: please at least put your character's last name in the tag.

Questions: please post a message HERE (...click) in my Dr Keller LJ if you have any questions.

LJ You Post With: You may use your own journal or make one for a character. Please put your character's name in your subject or in any reply subjects, so everyone will know who you are. If you make up a character such as a doctor, scientist, or member of a team, please put a bio in a LJ cut so we will know all about you.

Spoilers: If it has not aired yet in the US then put your character talking about that info behind a cut. If you do not know how, see the above link for my LJ and I will tell you how.

Pic Posting: You might want to say which character took it and what was going on when it was taken. You may use photos and text to tell a story in character. I like to think that people at Atlantis have cameras! Remember to have fun!

Het, Slash, or Ship: If you are going to slash, put "slash" in the subject. If you don't like it, stop reading it and skip it. Please be nice to your fellow Atlantis friends.

Now, back to Atlantis...