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Laura Cadman: Lorne and the Party 
1st-Feb-2008 02:10 pm
Jamie Close Up
Got back to Atlantis today. I have to admit it was hard coming back and Carson was not here.

I went for a run then grabbed lunch. Lorne sat with me. He seems to understand what it is to lose someone.

Lorne told me about this party they are having tomorrow. I think I will go and take my camera!

I like this new board Samantha had McKay put up. Now if only McKay would stop reading my email. You hear that McKay! LOL!

Is anyone else going to the party?
4th-Feb-2008 03:27 pm (UTC) - Dr Keller
Hey Laura,

After the guys got a beating by the replicator guy, the party was moved to Wed. I know they said it might be Friday, but it is Wed. And I am so going! I have not been to many parties, so I plan to have fun!

Can I wear your pink top?
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