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15th-Feb-2011 08:52 pm - V-Day Update From Cadman
cadman in black
I got flowers, but Ronon claims that they were not for me. They were left at my door with a note saying "For C" So who else could they have been for? Thoughts???
14th-Feb-2008 02:31 pm - Ronon
Checked my emails today...114 of them! I had no idea so many women liked me this much. Sheppard said he got 20 something. McKay refused to answer but did say he sent out a forward to everyone at Atlantis and the SGC saying Happy Valentines day. I wonder if he remembered to only forward it to the women...then again...maybe that is why he will not talk about his replies.

Does anyone have access to McKay's email? I would love to see his replies!

Here are some pics that others have taken of me or the survalience of Atlantis has taken. Click Click for Pics!Collapse )
12th-Feb-2008 09:41 am - Drink with McKay
Well, I had a drink with McKay last Friday.  I can not believe he did not know that what he did was breaking up with Katie.  He needs some help.  I know Laura tried to help him now and then, but he resisted.  Maybe if I flirt with him from time to time while I help him it will work.  

LOL!  He kept trying to get Carter's shirt off while we were stuck down in that hole...LOL!  I think he soooo likes her.  LOL!
4th-Feb-2008 10:40 am - Dr Keller: Today SamKay
I just don't think what McKay wants to happen will.... <a href="http://drkeller.livejournal.com/1706.html">Click Click!</a>
2nd-Feb-2008 06:20 pm - Ronon: Got the Guy!
Sheppard was leaving to go to his father's funeral. I couldn't let him go alone. Last time he left Atlantis with McKay it was a disaster, so I can not let him go without me. Glad I went with him.

We got the guy. He about knocked me out, but we got the guy.
1st-Feb-2008 02:10 pm - Laura Cadman: Lorne and the Party
Jamie Close Up
Got back to Atlantis today. I have to admit it was hard coming back and Carson was not here.

I went for a run then grabbed lunch. Lorne sat with me. He seems to understand what it is to lose someone.

Lorne told me about this party they are having tomorrow. I think I will go and take my camera!

I like this new board Samantha had McKay put up. Now if only McKay would stop reading my email. You hear that McKay! LOL!

Is anyone else going to the party?
1st-Feb-2008 11:31 am - Dr. Keller: Today at Atlantis
Well, it looks like McKay and Sheppy got back from that mission ok.  I did not know why they did not want Ronon to go with them until they came back.  Sheppy kept saying he wished Ronon was with them after all.  

McKay blurted out that Sheppy first said he did not want Ronon to go because the ladies at the planet look at Ronon more than him.  

I sooooo look at Ronon more than at Sheppy.  

When Ronon was told he was not going on the op, he asked me to lunch.  I spent most of the time smiling like an idiot at him.  That girl with the wavy black hair kept sending darts over with her eyes.  I think that is the same girl Ronon said thought he was hot and McKay heard her thoughts.  

Oh well, she will have to get over it!  *hopes she is not reading this right now* 
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